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Episode 5: Life Update - Give Yourself Grace

In this episode, I talk about what can derail your plans and how to get back on track by giving yourself grace and refocusing on goals and self-care.
If you want to hear about my:
  • Breast Cancer update
  • Angry To-Do List
  • word for the year
  • Business focus for the year
  • Goals for the podcast
then listen up!
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Episode 4: 3 Tips to Keep Busy Season from Sucking

There is still time before busy season to do 3 things that will have you feeling more in control of your calendar, more productive and may just keep this busy season from sucking.
1. Schedule time off now
2. Pick an overflow day - same day each week - to give you room to breathe and regroup
3. Get a daily To-Do system to help keep you focused when things start to go sideways
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Episode 3: My Why

Why a podcast and why now?
In Episode 3, I talk about what prompted me to finally take the leap and start this podcast. Mindset shifts, big long-term goals, and a life changing health diagnosis led to the firm I have today that works for me, not against me, and that I love!
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Episode 2: Marketing Mindset for Accountants

Why is marketing so hard for accountants to embrace?

In this episode, I talk about the struggles with being a good marketer of my practice and what mindset shifts have to happen for me to be successful with it.
After many years in the industry, I'm now creating a better relationship with marketing by:
  1. Constantly learning
  2. Scheduling some focused time
  3. Setting a goal of progress not perfection
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Episode 1: 4 Things I've Learned (so far) in my Accounting Career

In this very first podcast episode, I reflect on my career in public accounting and the true lessons that each chapter has taught me:
  1. Time is not really money
  2. Culture has to start at the top
  3. Micromanaging is for managers, not leaders
  4. No one is coming to the rescue
Listen as I dive into the impact these lessons have had on my life and career. These lessons can help you, too.
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Beth's Rules of Money In


This week we take an excerpt from the monthly QuickBooks User Group that was all about Money In. These 4 rules of Money In for your business work through the steps to keep money coming in and give you some common sense guidance on how to keep it simple.

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Price changes coming to QB Online products


Intuit has announced a major change to the ProAdvisor's wholesale billing discount as retail prices are scheduled to increase by 14 - 25% in coming months.  What does this mean?  For end users paying for their own subscription, this is a direct hit to your bottom line starting in September. For end users who have their bookkeepers paying for their subscription, expect a price increase this summer.  And for accounting and bookkeeping offices, it's time to consider a remote desktop solution as a viable alternative to QBO based on price especially for clients with multiple company files.

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Legislative Update - June 2021


With the passing of the ARP legislation in the middle of tax season and then an additional month added to the season, some legislative changes were ignored if they didn't affect the current season. Let's catch up on what else may impact you - child tax credit, meals, retirement contributions, rmds and 2020 withdrawals, etc.

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Legislative Update - March 2021

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2021

Highlights of the American Rescue Plan Act passed in mid-March include a third round of stimulus money, extended unemployment, more time to apply for the PPP loans, unemployment exemption for 2020 and more.  The price tag?  An extended tax filing deadline for individual returns until May 17, 2021.

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Customizing Sales Messages in QBO

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2021

In order to get paid faster, you need to make it easy to deliver invoices and statements to your customers. QB Online allows you to send these forms via e-mail. In order to make this work for you, it helps to customize the messaging.  Don't leave it the default message and turn on the reminder function in QBO with the customized messages.  Polite and professional, but firm will win the day on getting paid.  Also, include exactly what you want the customer to do and by when to prevent further action on their account.  If you get consistent in your messaging and timing, you will get paid consistently.

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