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Episode 15: Guarding your Front Door


Mastering Sales Discovery Calls in Accounting: A Proven Process

In this episode of 'Accounting with Confidence,' Beth Whitworth, an experienced CPA and business owner, shares her journey of developing the critical process of conducting sales discovery calls. She emphasizes the importance of vetting prospective clients to ensure a good fit, navigating conversations to uncover potential red flags, and implementing a structured approach that has streamlined her business operations. Beth also discusses tools like Canopy and Ignition that have revolutionized her task management and proposal systems. Tune in to learn how to make your accounting practice more efficient and build stronger client relationships.

00:00 Introduction to Beth Whitworth

01:07 The Importance of Sales Discovery Calls

04:08 Why Vetting Prospective Clients Matters

08:41 Our Discovery Call Process

16:22 Conducting Effective Discovery Calls

24:32 Creating and Managing Proposals

29:55 Onboarding New Clients


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Episode 14: Art of Hiring: A CPA's Perspective

building a team hiring May 31, 2024

In this episode Beth Whitworth is sharing her experiences and insights on effective hiring practices for building a successful business. She discusses the challenges of hiring, the importance of defining job roles, outlining specific application instructions, and not settling for less. Beth emphasizes the need to trust one's gut, take time for the hiring process, and not feel desperate when making a decision. She also highlights the value of identifying the most crucial hiring need for the business and shares her learnings from a course by Teresa Loe on building and hiring for teams. Theresa Loe's podcast episodes:

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Episode 13: Positive Overwhelm

mindset May 31, 2024

Ever have one of those months where you wonder how you even made it through?

Join me while I talk about what's been going on recently that has me overwhelmed, but not in a bad way.

Is Positive Overwhelm a thing? From hiring, firing, traveling, and software converting, I feel like I've been doing it all lately but have been pushing through and recognizing that the overwhelm doesn't have to last forever. In fact, it only lasts as long as I let it.

In addition I talk about the practice management software that we are currently implementing and as promised, I searched out an affiliate link Canopy Affiliate. I'm in love with this application and can't wait to share more about how it elevates our firm.

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Episode 12: Quarter 3 Focus

Uncategorized Aug 31, 2023

Accounting offices have 3 seasons that don't necessarily match up to the quarters: tax/busy season, summer and year end! The 3rd quarter of the year is often overlooked. In this episode I discuss the 3 things that I feel should be the focus during the 3rd quarter, plus a bonus focus!

I talk about:

  • Tax planning and getting those meetings scheduled now for later in the year
  • Getting ahead of continuing education and not leaving it all to the busy 4th quarter
  • Dusting off that "after tax-season debrief" and start working on those items to make your next season better than your last

When your year moves in only 3 seasons, it's hard to find the time to focus on these things and they can get lost, forgotten, or simply crammed in where they don't fit. Take the time before the end of this quarter to get ahead of these things and set yourself up for success.

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Episode 11: Favorite Personal Development Authors Right Now

Uncategorized Aug 30, 2023

I hated non-fiction books for way more than half of my life. Now I can't get enough. Listen in and find out what changed and what I am loving and learning right now from some of my favorite authors.

  • Michael Hyatt
  • Mike Michalowicz
  • Patrick Lencioni
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Episode 10: What I learned at Scaling New Heights 2023

Uncategorized Aug 16, 2023

I only attend one accounting conference each year. In this episode I talk about what I learned by going to this conference held in St. Louis this summer.

Even though I attend each year, there is always something that I learn and can take back to my firm or use in my personal life to help me achieve my goals. Not all conferences are created equal but this one stands out as being relevant and NOT boring.

From managing awkward moments to fangirling over a CPA I only knew through social media, the experiences were worth the long days.

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Episode 9: Tax Season, Life, and Imposter Syndrome, Oh My!

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2023

I had no intention of taking such a long time off from podcasting but I'm back! Listen to hear why I didn't keep up, why I couldn't get started again, and why I think it's all okay.

Between a busy work season; life, death, illness, and travel; and wondering if I'm even qualified to be podcasting, a few weeks turned into a few months. Can you relate? 

We're going to call this season 2 and just continue where we left off!

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Episode 8: Confidence in No

It's tempting to say yes to everything to keep people happy, keep yourself busy, or because of fear of missing out on something. In this episode I talk about the power of getting confident in the word No.
I gained confidence after years of fearing the word in these ways by:
1) Not providing EVERY service.
2) Saying no to protect my calendar.
3) Saying no when working with clients that aren't a good fit.
4) Being willing to accept a no on any given proposal without any emotional turmoil.
Learn some key phrases to let people down gently and build a referral network you trust and you can gain confidence in the word No, too!
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Episode 7: What I Learned this Month - January 2023

Learning is a life long pastime and this month I'm sharing the 3 things I learned. Nothing major. Just some little things that made my life easier or helped me move a project forward. 

  1. I upped my e-mail rules game.
  2. I created my first Zap using Zapier, JetPack Workflow and Ignitiion.
  3. I learned how to turn on Progress Invoicing in QBO

Like I said, nothing major, just some simple things that prove that you can teach an old accountant new tricks!




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Episode 6: Kolbe A Index and the Accountant

Take a peek into how the Kolbe A Assessment stacks up for rockstar accounting and bookkeeping team members versus the entrepreneurial accountant. Recognizing the innate problem solving traits of accountants helps drive a highly productive team that can compliment some of the traits of a visionary business owner.

 In this episode I unpack:

  • What is Kolbe A assessment
  • How my Rockstar Team scores
  • How I score
  • Why the assessment can help build a better firm




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